Pittsburgh-area drivers: saving money on car repair services, including alignments, suspension, brakes, tire installation and other services, just got easier.

Trust is the number one quality drivers look for in car repair work, and you will be in good hands with Champtires. Since 2009, the Pittsburgh-based startup has provided drivers around the United States with affordable, high-quality used tires through its website and stores. Every tire that enters the warehouse is air-tested and inspected.

Champtires applies this same rigorous dedication to outstanding quality, service and safety to its extended car repair services.

Brake Services

Champtires will perform free brake inspections and service brake pads, rotors and calipers.

When do you need a free brake inspection?

  • You hear strange noises while breaking.
  • The vehicle is pulling in either direction while breaking.
  • The brake pedal presses lower to the floor of the vehicle than normal.

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Suspension Services

The following replacement services are now available at all Champtires locations:

  • Tie rod
  • Control arm
  • Control arm bushing
  • Ball joint

When is your car in need of suspension services?

  • You notice uneven tire treads.
  • Car is not riding smoothly.
  • During turns, car pulls or drifts.
  • When stopping, car dips.
  • Damaged shocks.

Suspension services prices vary.

Wheel Alignment Services

With Champtires’ state-of-the-art alignment machines and trained technicians, you can have either two or four tires aligned. Tire alignments can help your tires perform better and last longer. They can also improve the way your car handles.

When do you need to have your tires aligned?

  • You notice uneven tread wear.
  • The vehicle is pulling in one direction.
  • The steering wheel is crooked when driving straight.
  • The steering wheel vibrates.
  • Your tires are squealing.

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