The words “tires” and “sustainable” aren’t typically muttered in the same breath, but this reputation is slowly shifting for the better. New materials and recycling processes being implemented by many tire manufacturers are helping to make a tire’s life more environmentally friendly, but Champtires, a seller of used tires, says we can do better, as the company says many tires with decent tread remaining are still ending up in landfills.

“Anyone who is making purchase decisions with an environmentally conscious mindset should really consider used tires because high-quality used tires with 90%, 80% of the tire’s tread life left is a great way to prevent that tire from ending up in a landfill,” says Shilo Rea, chief marketing officer for Champtires. “So you’re reusing a product that has a lot of use left in it.”

On this episode of The Amped EV Podcast, Rea explains why EV drivers might want to look into used tires, the company’s used tire inspection process and how used tires can be a safe option for drivers.

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