Champtires Supports RMA’s Statement on Banning Unsafe Used Tires; But Explanation on Safe vs. Unsafe Used Tires Is Missing

Champtires supports the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association’s (RMA) recent statement on supporting states that ban the sale of unsafe used tires.

However, Champtires President Brad Rea feels that RMA could do more to illustrate the difference between reputable used tire sellers that sell safe products and others who are selling damaged products.

“We air test and inspect every tire that enters our warehouse,” Rea said. “RMA is doing a great job urging states and consumers to understand the risks of buying worn, damaged tires, but they fail to include that buying premium used tires is still a cost-effective and safe option for drivers.”

Champtires specializes in selling premium used tires, which are an affordable, safe and eco-friendly option. Drivers who need to replace one, two, three or a whole set of tires can save up to 80% off of the cost of new tires by choosing used tires. Champtires has approximately 30,000 used tires in its inventory at any time, allowing the company to match brand names and tread levels to drivers’ existing tires.

“If you have ever bought a used car, you also bought and drove on used tires,” Rea said. “There is definitely a huge difference between safe and unsafe used tires, and the tire and auto industries need to work to better educate drivers on that.”

Since 2009, Pittsburgh-based startup Champtires has provided drivers around the United States with affordable, high-quality used tires through the company’s website and its West Mifflin, Pa. warehouse.