Prices are up on almost everything, especially for anyone who drives, sells or repairs cars. One way to alleviate financial burdens caused by skyrocketing gas prices, supply chain issues and overall inflation is with premium used tires.

“Relying on used tires can save you a considerable amount of money off increasingly high new tire prices,” said Brad Rea, president and founder of Champtires, one of the largest sellers of used tires in the U.S. “And these aren’t the used tires you may be imagining – piled up high outside of a random building on the side of the road. We carry all the major brands from Bridgestone to Yokohama and everything in between, and our tires have a lot of tread life left in them.”

To illustrate the savings potential, one new Continental ProContact TX 102 H tire in size 225/65-17 sells for about $150 per tire. At Champtires, an almost new version with 8/32 tread costs $69.95 per tire and the 7/32 tread tire is priced at $57.48 per tire.

Champtires is also not facing supply chain issues right now.

“Luckily, we are still able to source really great tires right now. Ninety percent of our inventory has 7/32 tread or above, and we’re adding hundreds of tires in every brand every day,” Rea said.

High quality used tires are perfect when one, two three or all four tires on a vehicle need to be replaced. Every tire that enters a Champtires’ warehouse goes through a three-step inspection process. Free FedEx shipping is included on all website orders to the continental U.S.

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