A recent report from Hankook Tire’s Gauge Index discovered that 41% of drivers have gotten a flat tire in the last year. Americans also drove more in 2023 than ever before, which means cars will need more maintenance, including tires.

The cost of rubber, like most consumer goods, continues to skyrocket. An easy way to attract and build customer loyalty is to give your customers a low-cost solution the next time they need tires.

Premium used tires from Champtires can save you up to 80% off new tire prices.


When a customer hit a pothole and blew out her front passenger side tire, she was upset because she had purchased new tires only one year prior. Measuring at 9/32, the remaining tires were in great condition. Her mechanic was able to get a replacement Goodyear Eagle RS-A 245/55-18 103 V for $76.50 from Champtires.com. New, that model costs an average of $218.24 per tire. By using Champtires, which offers free shipping, the mechanic saved her $141.74.

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