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How To Prepare for a Road Trip

How to prepare your car and tires for a road trip

Before you leave for any kind of road trip, it is a good idea to check your car and tires. Following these steps will help you avoid mechanical issues, saving you time and money and helping to ensure your safety.

Inspect Your Tires

Check Engine Oil Level

If it’s almost time for your car’s oil to be changed, do it before your road trip. Long drives can put additional stress on your car.

Learn how to change oil or make an appointment at with your local mechanic.

Test Car Battery

Make sure your battery is working within the right parameters. Use a multimeter to test it or stop by an autobody shop.

Check Brakes

Determine if your brake pads are in good working condition by following these easy steps.

Check Coolant, Windshield Wiper Fluid and Brake Fluid Levels

This is a great way to prevent breakdowns. Refer to your car’s manual for specific instructions.

Make Sure All Lights Work

Check your car’s headlights, turn signals, reverse lights, taillights and internal lights. Replace any that are burned out.

Pack Emergency Equipment

Make sure to travel with a cell phone and car charger as well as items like a flashlight, tools and a first aid kit.

Be Prepared for Different Road Conditions

Car and tire care — as well as safety tips — vary depending on the type of weather and road conditions that you’re driving in.

Summer / Heat
Winter / Ice, Cold and Snow


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