Automotive businesses and drivers in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area can now quickly purchase premium used tires in-person from the country’s most trusted source, Champtires.

Champtires was founded in 2009 to provide an option to expensive new tires. With prices up on almost all consumer goods, including tires and gas, anyone who drives, sells or repairs cars can benefit from lower priced high-quality used tires.

Headquartered in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, Champtires sells tires across the continental United States and at two retail locations in the Pittsburgh, PA region. Now, Champtires is offering pickup sales at its Sanford, NC warehouse.

“While we offer free and fast shipping for website orders, there are situations when waiting for a tire to be delivered is inconvenient. This gives people in and around Sanford the ability to quickly get tires when they need them,” said Brad Rea, president and CEO of Champtires.

The cost difference between new and slightly used tires can be substantial. For example, BRIDGESTONE ALENZA SPORT A/S RFT 275/45-20 110 H tires are $408.03 per tire, or $1,632.12 for a set. At Champtires, like-new Bridgestone tires in the same exact size, brand and model are priced at $81.17 per tire, saving $1,307.44 for four tires.

Goodyear Eagle RS-A 245/55-18 103 V tires sell for about $233 per tire. Buying a 9/32 replacement from Champtires costs $58.35, a difference of $174.65 for one tire.

Saving money isn’t the only benefit of used tires – it is also the sustainable option because a perfectly good product is being reused instead of ending up in a landfill.

To purchase and pickup tires in Sanford, simply call 412-462-3000 to place the order. Champtires’ warehouse is located at 1501 Douglas Drive, Sanford, NC 27330.

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