If the thought of replacing your car’s tires scares you, you’re not alone. New tire prices are higher than ever before. But, there is an easy way to save a considerable amount of money when you need to purchase one, two or even a whole set of tires.

Premium used tires from a reputable seller like Champtires are a great way to make sure your car’s tires are safe while keeping costs down. Below are just a few examples of actual situations when customers relied on high quality used tires.

Low Tread on Multiple Tires
A quick Google search will tell you that 4/32 of an inch is the minimum tread required for safe driving. However, depending on a region’s specific weather patterns, 6/32 would be a more ideal target — especially for places prone to more rain or snow.

If your car’s tires are running low on tread, you do not need replace all or some of them with brand-new tires. Simply determine what size and specifications will work for your particular vehicle and start shipping our inventory. Shipping is always free!

Real-World Example
A customer’s tires on a 2016 Nissan Altima were at 5/32. After a quick conversation about the upcoming fall and winter months, the customer agreed that having more tread would be a good idea. A few of the many available options for 215/55-17 tires that are compatible for that car:

SAILUN ATREZZO SH406 215/55-17 94 V
• Average new price: $105.99 per tire, $423.96 for four
• Used price with 9/32 tread: $53.87 per tire, $215.48 for four
Savings: $52.12 per tire, $208.48 on four

• Average new price: $207.20 per tire, $828.80 for four
• Used price with 8/32 tread: $69.16 per tire, $276.64 for four
Savings: $138.04 per tire, $552.16 on four

• Average new price: $192.90 per tire, $771.60 for four
• Used price with 7/32 tread: $69.34 per tire, $277.36 for four
Savings: 123.56 per tire, $494.24 on four

One Bad Tire
Changing temperatures can wreak havoc on roads, increasing the chance for drivers to damage tires. The next time you get a flat tire, note the tire’s size, brand, model and tread depth and shop for a used replacement.

Real-World Example
When a driver hit a pothole and blew out her front passenger side tire, she was upset because she had purchased new tires only one year prior. Measuring at 9/32, the remaining tires were in great condition. She was able to get a replacement Goodyear Eagle RS-A 245/55-18 103 V for $58.35. That model new costs an average of $233 per tire.
Savings: $174.65 on one tire

Rotating and Replacing
There’s no need to go into the many advantages of rotating tires or that, for a myriad of reasons, tires may not wear at the same rate. If you have two tires that are closer than the others to becoming bald, replace them with used tires.

Real-World Example
A longtime customer with a 2019 Toyota Tacoma noticed that the front tires were measuring much lower than the rear. He  purchased two premium used tires that matched the back tires’ tread depth.

Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 265/70-17 113 S
• Average new price per tire: $294.95 per tire, $589.90 for two
• Used price for 8/32 tread per tire: $78.59 per tire, $157.18 for two
Savings: $216.36 per tire, $432.72 on two

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