In October, Jen L. noticed that the tread on her BMW X5’s tires were pretty low, causing the car to slide every time it rained. When she found out how much four new Bridgestone tires would cost, she couldn’t believe it.

“I know tires are expensive, but to spend more than $1,600 seemed outrageous,” Jen said. “So, I started looking for other options.”

She found Champtires and was shocked to learn that she could save nearly $1,300 and get like-new Bridgestones for her car.

“Champtires had four tires that were the exact brand and model that I needed – run flats and all-season Bridgestone tires – with all of their tread left. I bought four barely used tires for $324.68 and saved myself over a grand,” she said.

Three months later, Jen is happy with her tire decision.

She said, “These used tires have been great. My car has been handling really well in rain, snow and ice. Plus, who doesn’t love to save so much money?”

Original Tread: 9/32

New Price: $408.03 / tire
Cost for 4: $1,632.12

Champtires Price for 9/32: $81.17 / tire
Cost for 4: $324.68

Savings: $326.86 / tire, $1,307.44 for a whole set

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